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About SanGer-La Alpacas

SanGer-La Alpacas, solely owned and operated by Nancy & Kris Sanger, is located on 18.5 acres just west of Rochester, NY. We are dedicated to providing anyone interested in alpacas the opportunity to learn more and interact with alpacas. Our breeding program is designed to offer high quality alpacas and alpaca fiber. Our alpacas are ARI registered and BVD negative. We look forward to helping you on your journey to discovering an alpaca lifestyle.

SanGer-La Alpacas Mission:
Fiber - To the best of our ability, breed for highest qualities in fiber, animal conformation and lineage.
Fashion - To make unique and warm fashions from the fiber, provide quality fiber to fiber enthusiasts and the growing alpaca fiber industry.
Fun - To invite others to see the simplicity in working with the fiber, raising such wonderful animals and the joy it brings to our lives.

Our story began in December 2003. We were watching a local news program and getting ready for work. They featured an alpaca farm and how they got started with alpacas. I was watching the show and thought they were very cute. I joked to with Kris that we had 10 acres and should buy alpacas! A few weeks later, we were at a Christmas party and some good friends had on some very nice alpaca sweaters from the same farm featured on the news program! That was the hook. We looked online and found a farm offering a seminar and thought it would be a great opportunity to check it all out. By the time they left the seminar, we had made their decision.

Alpacas are small, easy to handle, easy to care for, easy to clean up after, so we thought "hey – why not try it!" We visited farms over the summer and fall and then purchased our first two females in November 2004. We have now grown from the two to 19 and it's been great fun. We've even seen a couple of live births!

Beginning this alpaca journey has opened new areas of interest that I never would have dreamed of. I've taken up spinning yarn and love it! My passion lies in felt. I felt unique one-of-a-kind hats and am expanding into planter liners and hope one day to add purses and clothing items and maybe even felted tapestry.

Alpacas have given us a experience above our normal obligations that we hope to share with others. Whether it’s through the fiber, the products, the animals, or all aspect of alpaca lifestyles, we hope to share this experience with you.

Thursday, November 18, 2021